30 days of fall fragrance: roasted meat

The fragrance of roasted meat in fall

By Deborah Fulsang


I remember being a kid and busting inside after playing outdoors for hours on a crisp autumn Sunday afternoon. The scent of beef, turkey, chicken or pork roasting in the oven perfumed the air. Notes of caramelizing root vegetables were usually there too – baking squash, potatoes and carrots. Not to mention a batch of cookies or a pie that had been cooling since exiting the oven earlier in the day. And that roast’s gravy, with its intense fragrance made even more aromatic with the addition of salt and pepper and herbs – wow.

I imagine all of that deliciousness – all of that food, all of those smells, all of that comfort swirling in the air – and then I start combing through my cookbooks, planning the next home-cooked, weekend family dinner.  …READ MORE