RiRi by Rihanna is eighth scent in star’s portfolio

Rihanna is a woman who has many sides—sexy, fashion-loving, flirty. Her handlers and marketers leverage this chameleon-like nature through her many perfumes: The entertainer’s Nude was a pared-down and sultry scent, while Rogue was bold and confident; and now we have RiRi. This eighth perfume in the singer’s fragrance portfolio is meant to be the epitome of the star’s glam and girly side. …READ MORE


Gal Gadot is Gucci Bamboo’s Wonder Woman

By Alexandra Donaldson

There’s a new Wonder Woman in town and her name is Gal Gadot. You’ve probably already heard about the 30-year-old beauty’s background, her cinching of the coveted superhero role and her career as a model, but did you know she’s also the face of Gucci’s latest perfume campaign, Bamboo for Her? …READ MORE

Summer perfume: Cool it. Literally.

Keep cool. Chill your summer perfume

By Deborah Fulsang

As the temperature climbs to 34-plus and the Humidex inches up to the 40 mark, we’ve been spritzing our favourite citrus colognes. A splash of lemon, lime or bergamot does wonders to chill the brain.

But what about this perfume tip? Keep your summer perfumes on ice. Well, not literally. But do keep them in the fridge. After all, a cool mist of your favourite fragrance will be even more refreshing if it actually does cool you on contact.

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Twitter accounts for perfume lovers

Us! But no, really, we’ve put together a list of our favourite perfume aficiandos, thinkers, writers, lovers and spritzers all so you can keep up-to-date on the latest and greatest perfume news.

1_JaneDaly1. Beauty blogger and self-described perfume-whisperer Jane Daly of Daly Beauty (@daly_beauty)
This blogger knows her scents. You’ll find nostalgic musings and links to her blog which features perfume and beauty reviews as well as thoughtful posts on all things fragrance.

2_AdrianaErmeter2. Writer, perfume obsessive and beauty editor Adriana Ermter (@AErmter)
Ermter writes about style and beauty and loves perfume—she’s even contribute to The Whale & The Rose. Expect to find weekly updates on what she’s spritzing. …READ MORE